Need a New link to put my limited card pin

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I was sent a link to put my ffour 4 dodger pin and I use a wrong code for 3 times now I can’t make use of the link again and my account is still limited or declined how can I request for a new link because I just got the digit to on my card statement

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Every time you request a code to confirm a card or bank account it cancels the previous request/code.
If you input the first code to arrive it would be the cancelled one.
Do that 3 times with the first code and you would no longer be able to confirm your card or bank account that way.
The correct code would have been the second (or last) code you requested.

You would need to ask customer services to add it for you.
They would probably request that you upload a copy of your card or bank statement to prove ownership of the account as you couldn't complete the code method.

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