"Send a suggestion" for Paypal, on actual Paypal & more!


First, my original task I was trying to do, that got me to here... probably about 30 min later, is now COMPLETE, lol. In other words, what I decided to try to do from my PP acct (via pc), was simply see how/where members could send a good suggestion or feature request to Paypal, that would help user experience... Now I have to say, I have another new suggestion or 2, headlining with... 

  1. Make it simple for members to "Send A Suggestion, Idea, or Feature" to PP, for PP, ON PP (on the regular general page(s) of the acct site, such as even in the footer).
    • Then I think it also needs to be noted that making THIS "Suggestions" forum topic, ALOT more simple/easier to find on here, would be a big help for many, considering after I looked yet never seen it at first, I had to do a search, which I finally seen it, however by other posts that have been made about suggestions, indicates I'm not alone.

    Another strong suggestion that I now have is...  

  2. Upgrade your useless Help/Support "assistant" bot, or say **bleep** it & stay with a boring, not-to-interactive, manual Help/Support info, when there is no agents on duty/closed...

    People will have a better chance of getting to the right source/info they need than they will with your current "assistant", lol


Now, as for my SIMPLE feature request to PayPal Support is...

  1. Please implement the Total Amount Spent/Received of your results, when filtering your transactions.
    • I know (just as well as you do) it would not be much work at all to add the function. It is something that ALL other similar financial platforms that I have seen the transactions page of an acct, have & it is something that even 'little-bitty backwoods, hardly have too much of a 'members area' available online, whose IT's pc is probably an IBM400, with a big bad lightning fast dial up connection, podunk' Credit Unions, even manage to have on their sites... and that is sad if they do, yet you dont do for us! lol.

    While you are there, it would be beneficial to both us members, and to PP (from a business standpoint), to also follow in other platform's footsteps, to...  

  2. Include ALOT more filter options, for your transactions/activity!  

  3. (especially for cash card users) Either LABEL our transactions, OR really spoil us by even letting us teach the interface what Category/Label certain transactions/Activity belongs in!! YAY ‌‌  


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