Why can PayPal let scammers get away with it?

There are so many sites that describe these wonderful products that do what they are supposed to: straighten the hair, color the gray hair, anti wrinkles,…and when we get the products even they look like the products, they actually damage the skin or hair…etc so not only you pay for a product that doesn’t do it’s purpose but creates damage and we the consumers pay for it and the repairs and THEY GET AWAY with it because no one is making accountable for their actions!!! PayPal helps them get away with it?! I have no words to express my frustration!
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Paypal is a middleman that gives you 'some' buyer and 'some' seller protection.

That protection can never be a 100% cover so its up to all of us to risk assess our own transactions.

Even credit cards don't cover you 100%.

And to be honest you have to be a bit savvy and realise that the 'ads' for products especially international ones or tat sold on Social Media like Facebook are always going to be just that...tat.

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