Paypal hold my money for 180 days because they can and they are not human.


Is it wrong to ask your family members to send money to you in time of need?  Since the transfer was from overseas and Paypal was one of the recommended money transfer apps with fee, why couldn't the company has the decency to listen to the truth and the reality instead of making a decision based on suspicion without confirming the source and even refuse to see the proof that the transaction was genuine. 


Not everyone are living in lavish lifestyle and can afford for thousand of dollars like Paypal executives, of your hard earned money to be place on hold for 180 days without questions or allow to submit evidence of no wrong doing.  Is there a suggestion on legality of holding someone money at ransom for 180 days without solid proof.  It is like putting someone in prison for 6 months without even having a conviction.  Maybe try to experience what it is like to be homeless because you place the money for your rent payment for 180 days.  Or maybe you would like to experience how it feels not being able to send your kid to school or send money for their basic necessity because the large corporation executives can use that money to pay for $1000 family dinner.


I totally agree that security measures to be put in place to protect your community, but what if you got it wrong because you did not want to listen and not interested to see the evidence that the transactions maybe genuine?  You can punish the bad guys, but be compassionate and humane to your community who are law abiding citizens.  


Something must be done to address this as the policy is not a clear cut that allow Paypal the power to do as you please based on suspicion without solid proof of any wrong doing.  I will explore this from legal perspective on whether it is illegal to hold someone money without any solid evidence of any wrong doing or proof of any illegal activity being committed.


This is just wrong to apply a blanket rule without applying proper investigation or audit system in place. It is a day time modern robbery from hard earning money of decent citizens who sought Paypay to assist them to overcome their problem, however Paypal turned it into a nightmare.

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We have no idea why paypal permanently limited your account leading to the 180 day hold, so can't respond on whether it was fair or not.

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