Account will be close , no longer worldwide, no reaons

Hii everyone, I got this old account paypal that i "reactivated" recently because an employer couldnt pay me by other method of payment than Paypal. Sent him my paypalMe , received the money i worked for. And checking the next day to find a way to transfer my funds , and it says "i have no right to touch my funds because i am new on paypal" 1)First of All, new or not , what is wrong with you guys .. we create an account , we expect we can receive and send right away no ?? 2) after contacting the customer service (in french since my account was made in France longtime ago) , they are advising me they will close my account because they noticed my "location is not FRANCE" .. So following your logic, i created an account in France years ago , and now i am living in ASIA i cant use it no more ? I can use it just the time to receive money and then u block my account ? What a joke .. I have all the conversation with those customer service representatives on screenshot. Nobody gave me any "utilisation condition texts" or whatsoever to prove me they have the right to do so .. Can someone show me what next i can do , i wont let Paypal scam me that easy .. Paypal is wordwide , its not only FRANCE TO FRANCE as they use as a reason ... Tempted to call them , but again we know the deal .. spending 3h on the line waiting for someone to help might cost me more than getting back my money hardly worked for ..
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