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way to use IPN for few different products?

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way to use IPN for few different products?



so far I have sold digital goods (3 software products) via my website.
The customer could only buy one product at a time, paid via an express button. After the payment a message (notify url) was sent to my license server and from there the customer got his download link and his key.


Now I want to use a shop and after checkout all data (shopping cart) will be sent to paypal, and exactly here are my problems.


How can I create a return link (IPN / Webhook) to my license server depending on the product(s).
Shop -> product 1 -> Paypal -> product 1 - License server (key for product 1)

Shop -> product 1 + product 2 -> Paypal  -> License server (key for product 1 + product 2)

and so on


Thanks for any help or informations