You have unpaid subscriptions - How to Auto Collect All Pending at Once Instead of One by One


Hi! I use PayPal for my website's subscription service, but then I can see the message below, related to the people who didn't pay (payments declined etc):




I keep having to browse through long lists of all users that have a pending payment and I have to open one by one to try to collect one by one manually every now and then. Plus the list you give us has tons of users we can't collect from mixed with the ones that are just paused, which we can collect from. Before we had access to a list with paused subscriptions, but since PayPal changed the interface we don't have access to that feature, meaning we have to browse to multiple pages hunting manually for profiles of users that we can try to collect again.


Why can't PayPal give us a button right in that message to "try to collect from all" and process it automatically for us? My membership plugin doesn't have the feature to use the API for that purpose either, sadly.


Also, when a payment is declined, we can't try to collect again right after (sometimes the user will fix their payment information), we always have to wait FIVE days to try to collect manually, which is too much (almost 20% of a monthly subscription time)! I keep having to demote users and if they want access they have to create new subscriptions because of this issue.

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