Payouts Commission not being processed

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I thought I had this all setup but it just aint working, not in sandbox, and not in live 😞


- Payments are processing as per normal

- Commisions are NOT processed

Order placed, order fulfilled, order status set to completed, commision status set to paid, pay commision triggered on commision, nothing happens 😞


In developer Sandbox API Calls I have many calles but they dont mean anything to me 😞
An exlamation mark, url is  /v1/payments/payouts, and debug id is uniwque, for instance a2ae0eecf0dc9.


anybody, help....


Yes, I followed this guide completely:


In my account page last item in table shows as:
PayoutsPayout up to 500 recipients in one API Call. Enable

But if I click on Enable I get to a generic support page????

Am I missing something?

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