Not received PAYMENT_CAPTURE_COMPLETED when had captured

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Following operation is in sadbox environment and api status is operational.


For order.
First ,I created a order by REST api, then using sandbox account approve the order and capture it.

Theoretically,It should have two event(CHECKOUT.ORDER.APPROVED and PAYMENT.CAPTURE.COMPLETED) from Webhook event.Actually,those two events rarely is received immediately,PAYMENT.CAPTURE.COMPLETED cannot be received most of the time or would be received in a few hours.


For subscriptions.
when a  user activates a  subscrption which "start_time", first payment time was now, "BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.CREATED" AND "BILLING.SUBSCRIPTION.ACTIVATED" event  were received in two minutes,but "PAYMENT.SALE.COMPLETED" was not received sometimes or until in a few hours.(Note.I am sure the payment was completed by seeing "")


1.Why does this happen?
2.If order status is "COMPLETED", may I take it that I have received the money?
3.Why "Event Logs->Webhook Events" cannot find any logs?(Sandbox environment)

Looking forward to your reply.


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Same issue here. Have you ever found a solution? Seems to be only happening in Sandbox environment.

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I get the same issue with the payment capture webhook event taking forever to come over; also having the same issue with the Sandbox Webhook History. None of the historical stuff really works well.

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Up to know, i still not receive the PAYMENT.CAPTURE.COMPLETED from webhook

Debug id: 1c94c97cb4209

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