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Direct Debit set up problem.

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Good Evening, I’ve used PayPal credit for 2 purchases using a 0% interest offer. I thought the monthly instalments would be automatic but apparently that’s not the case. The issue now is with setting up a direct debit. Even though I can make a one-off payment with my hsbc account that is associated to PayPal it won’t let me use it to set up a direct debit, it’s just returns the error “bank account is already associated with a PayPal account” - well yeah, it’s this one. Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

Direct Debit set up problem.

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I have been trying to set this PayPal credit direct debit up for over a month now every time I do it says my bank account is already set up but wont put a direct debit through.

I have now missed a payment on this as the dashboard doesn't show you are in arears on anything, even when looking at the statement it shows last transaction paid but apparently that relates to the prior month and not the current. I missed a payment by 17 days as a result of this and it is now showing on my credit report, even though i have made every effort to set up a direct debit. Customer service refuse to remove this as despite the lack of notifications on the dashboard etc, and the direct debit set up not working I am at fault. 

Thanks PayPal

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