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Printing a meaningfull invoice

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Hi Paypal and community
My problem is printing a meaninfull receipt to give to my boss in order to be reimbursed. I printed a receipt and looking at it , I said to myself. What a?
This is good to present to somebody to get your money back? No. Has all the item details in order for him to be convinced to pay me back? No.
First, Need Item purchased discription.
The lines are to far apart, meaning 2 sheet of papel
and amount are to far to other side, (bring it closer)
Remove useless lines, that don't mean anything to the person that is going to reimburse me. like:( try Honey next time, Need Help?, you will see ebay-us, and other)
If i'm online, these info are good, but is a receipt on paper
Somebody, seat on a desk, redesign the receipt, print it and look at it again. Fine tune it, call an employee and ask him: Do you pay me with this invoice, what is missing here, what is irrelevant in order to be paid back?
Don't be on defensive mode, and take a look on it
Thamk you

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