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Canceling a subscription

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Canceling a subscription

Hello ... I am new here and have a question: In a moment of weakness I signed up for a 6-month subscription to eHarmony who is taking a payment each month through September. I contacted them just a couple days after signing up and let them know I do not want to continue with them once my 6-month term is up, but they didn’t respond to allow me the peace of mind I want in knowing that they received my request, and that they will honor it. In fact, I haven’t heard one word in over a week now, not even any supposed “matches”! Yet they’re still taking my money. What do I do now, please? THANK YOU!!
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Re: Canceling a subscription


Click on the profile tab (icon next to log out) > Click on payments third option along on the thick blue band top of page > "manage pre-approved payments.''

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