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Purchase-via-PayPal -balance-on-checkout

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Need an info with paypal checkout.Please see the below images:




These are 2 images of & (fastspring) paypal checkout pages (both are of recurring subscription items purchase). Here We can see the option to use PayPal balance while checking out with paypal.


Now: <removed>

This is the screenshot of my site (recurring product ) paypal checkout screenshot. When any customer trying to make a purchase on my site Here the card/bank is being used by default and there is no option for use paypal balance first (like the above screenshots i gave you).So my Question is: Is it a limitation on my end of my paypal account? Thats customers can not pay via paypal balance? But when someone making a purchase on my site In this case, for some customers the paypal balance is used and for some the card is used.

Is that possible to setup the checkout like the first two screenshots I gave ? 

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