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Paypal error when integrating with LearnDash

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I have set up Paypal to integrate with my LearnDash course.


On my LearnDash sales page, on the button to buy the course, I do get a dropdown for "Use Paypal"


However, when I click on that Use Paypal button, I get this error:

Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.

(Here's the URL for the error page:

There is a note on the Learndash Paypal Integration document that says this:

LearnDash currently supports PayPal Payments Standard only.

I have not yet set up anything for Paypal payments standard. Is this necessary to do to integrate with Paypal?

There does not seem to be anywhere on the learndash settings to put any other Paypal information except my paypal email (I am using my main Paypal email), cancel URL, Return URL, Notify URL (this is pre-populated by learndash).

Can anyone help?

I have a free, verified, paypal account.

I have not set up a sandbox yet. 

Thank you!

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