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PayPal Button won't work on Wordpress site

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SO, not being a developer, I followed the instructions on Paypal to add a button on your wordpress site on a post under the "text" or "Html" code page. I copied it from my Paypal act. and pasted it on there. Updated the post and when I go to look at my site nothing is there. So, I tried adding an approved partner with Paypal Plugin to the site and that worked, the buttons show up, but when you click on the published page, it says it's not working and to try back. So, I deactivated the Paypal plugin on my wordpress site and have now resorted to trying to read the developer code stuff on paypal--completlely over my head. They made it sound so easy to install but it's not. What am I doing wrong. Oh, and of course you can't reach anyone via email or phone with Paypal. I'm flummoxed. Maybe I should just tell them to send me a check or cash!!!


Thank you, Rachael 

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