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New To Paypal I have some specific questions

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I am setting up a website that does NOT use wordpress and I am trying to setup a shopping cart. Problem is what I want to do does not seem to exist so I thought I would ask you all. 


 I have a website built on LAMP stack on AWS and I want to sell business leads. I have a search setup for the leads so people can search for the leads they want based on zip code or state or something like that. Once they submit the search they get a record count of all the leads based on their search criteria. They can then refine the search if they want. From their I want the record count submitted to the shopping cart as Quantity to Purchase. Then they can enter in the payment information. 


It seems most shopping carts don't have this option. What I see is that I can enter a product that I want one of and then say I want two. 


1. Does PayPal have their own shopping cart or do I have to use someone else's and use PayPal for payment only? 

2. Is there a shopping cart that allows this without a lot of extra coding


Also I have tried using opencart and zencart. Zen for some reason when I attempted to register for the developer forum they banned me for life and no reason given. Also opencart seems to be very buggy and hard to setup. 

Thanks in advanced you can check out my test site at

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