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Money on hold

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Very randomly PayPal always decides to put my money on hold, i have sold 5 stuff in the recent week they decided to put 3 on hold and 2 where perfectly fine (even though 2 payments came from the same person 1 on hold and 1 straight to my balance of exactly the same amount). They then state that if I then mark as shipped they will release my money after a day. It’s been over a week for some of the items and the customers have already received and probably enjoying my items whilst they still haven’t released my money. They have also taken their number to collect away so can’t contact them and I have messaged them and it’s been over 24 hours and no one has still been in contact with me. I don’t know what to do as this is not a new PayPal and I have had it and used it for years

Money on hold

PayPal Employee

Hi @Teresa19468 


Good day! Im sorry you were not able to access the money right away.

There are several reason why money will be put on hold. For details kindly visit the link.

I also found an article that may help, please visit the link below.

Hope this helps! Stay safe.

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