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how the hell do you use paypal

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how the hell do you use paypal

I have opened an account. They have aske for my name and my mothers name and now my name is a combination of both and it cannot be edited. I have linked my bank account but can find absolutly no information as to how I can send money to my paypal account so it can be forwarded to someone else. Paypal makes Citibank look almost like they know what they are doing. Question 1 How do I change my name to my own name. Question 2 How do I fund paypal. My bank is already in the system.

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Re: how the hell do you use paypal



I've never been asked for my mothers name on paypal !!!

Do you mean that was one of your security questions?


Only when you register the first thing you do is put in your legal forename and surname.

Sadly you can only change a name on a paypal account for a 2 character error or for legal reasons ie marriage.

So your best bet is to remove anything you have linked to that account and close it and open a new one in the correct name.



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