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View Cart buttons for 2 different sites?


View Cart buttons for 2 different sites?

I had 1 website with a list of Buy Now products and 1 View Cart button that worked fine. Then I copied and pasted all the buttons to another site (different url) and none of them work! I know there's a solution for this, so can someone please help me? Does this mean I have to create all new buttons for the new site? Thanks in advance!

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Re: View Cart buttons for 2 different sites?

Hello natwatsoc, 


Welcome to the Community Robot wink.


I would be glad to help you figure out why your buttons are not working properly. The first question would be is, are you using the same software for both websites? This may be part of the problem.


I would first start by making sure you copied all of the code from the other website to the new website (maybe you left part of the code out). Another suggestion I have is to log into your PayPal account and copy the code directly from the button you created and see if that helps. Here is how you can do that: log into your PayPal account, click Profile (under My account), click My selling tools, click update (next to PayPal buttons), click dropdown menu (next to the button you are looking for), select View code, copy the code and paste it to your new website.



Smiley HappyMisty


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