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I'm working on integrating the smart buttons on the front-end, and I have the PayPal SDK included: 



And it is loaded correctly. 


However, when I click on the PayPal button, the modal window comes up with the spinning progress indicator, and if I look in Developer Tools (Chrome), I see this HTTP 400 error response:


Invalid sdk meta: eyJ1cmwiOiIvL3d3dy5wYXlwYWwuY29tL3Nkay9qcz9jbGllbnQtaWQ9QVZnM3dtUDZYMElJTTVTRFhITFRpWHhkTjdfQzdaQmltX3d5Y1FnZzlXc0xRdzZQNnBiYXJzZ0pjQUQzRVhCYmp2YXZmX0RuOExzam5EbG8mZGlzYWJsZS1mdW5kaW5nPWNyZWRpdCxjYXJkIiwic3RhZ2VIb3N0Ijoid3d3LnNhbmRib3gucGF5cGFsLmNvbSIsImFwaVN0YWdlSG9zdCI6Ind3dy5zYW5kYm94LnBheXBhbC5jb20ifQ


This error message is happening when this URL is requested:


I notice that there is a query parameter on this URL: sdkMeta


When I remove this parameter from the 'buttons' URL, the request seems to work fine. Since I'm not the one populating the that URL (the 'buttons' URL) i can't really do anything about this.


I followed the directions:


I'm not sure if i'm missing anything, any guidance would be appreciated!


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