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"OR-CPIT-09" Error adding payment option

New Community Member

"OR-CPIT-09" Error adding payment option

I keep getting this error everytime I attempt to add my Paypal as a payment method in the Google Playstore. I don't have a credit/debit card so that won't and cannot be an alternative solution to this. Why is this happening to me?

New Community Member

Re: "OR-CPIT-09" Error adding payment option

Solution for Error ''[OR-CPIT-09]''



  • You need a Credit/Debit card
  • Laptop or Desktop PC (Optional)



  1. Go to "" in your browser
  2. Sign in and click ''Add Payment''
  3. Select PayPal. It will redirect you to PayPal. Press ''Continue''
  4. Once in PayPal, sign in to your PayPal account
  5. Follow the prompt

Your PayPal account should now be linked to your Google Play Store account