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Automated outgoing payments via PayPal?

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I am the owner of a medium bulletin board. Members of my board use the Points system, most likely to get an access to the files I host. The Points system provides many features - members can earn Points by posting, uploading new files, winning in the on-board Lottery, helping to others, reporting the bugs and many other ways. If they have nothing to share, they can buy the Points instead using a PayPal express checkout (among others).

To serve the Points system, my forum uses PayPal API, which automates all the "Points top-ups" coming from members. When money come onto my PayPal account and my website receives a Completed status from PayPal (via my listening file), member receives the appropriate amount of Points at the same time.


What I want is to be able to make a reversal payments. When the member collects a certain amount of Points, I want them to be able to withdraw these Points as cash. So I would ideally like to integrate some PayPal API to automatically transfer money from MY PayPal account onto a member's PayPal account, immediately after they send an appropriate request via the form. I simply no longer want to process these requests manually (like I do so far).


Can you please point me to the solution which can suit my needs? I found a couple of services like Mass Payments or PayPal Payouts, but they seem to be for big companies making hundreds or thousands transactions every day. I only want to be capable to make a maximum of TWO payouts per week, but I want this to be completely automatic, without the need for any physical actions taken by me.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Kind regards,


Automated outgoing payments via PayPal?


Hello @Vogelek23  / Lucas, if you are still looking for a solution, implementing Payouts API as you indicated is a way for an automated approach (whether large company or small company).  If you are not able to have your own automated implementation of the API, then if you are maintaining related info for Payouts to be made in some google sheet for e.g., then a free Zapier account and connector from could be another option.


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