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Told had an account. I asked to start over. Now daughters' card. Laurel <removed> and Dee <removed>

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I called to set up a pay pal account and was told that I had one already, but I didn't remember having one, but none of the car information matched etc. The gentleman got mad at me because I couldn't give him matching information and went away and I had to hang up. I then got another agent-- I believe a man and I asked if I could erase it and start over. So he did. I was told to call back in two hours and set up a new one. I did that the next day but it didn't work. The next agent was a woman. The system added a NW to my address. She walked me through it. I told my daughter when she came over about it and mentioned that I thought I saw and email that looked like one of hers pop up. Couldn't figure that out. She checked and her business account is no longer there. We live in different cities and different states. When my computer comes up her email comes up too. So I don't know if that had something to do with it or what. I no longer want a pay pal if it is going to erase her business pal pal account. I need her account back.. Laurel <removed>, and daughter Dee <removed>

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