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Using 2 email address for 1 PayPal account to receive payments


I have 2 verified email addresses tied to my PayPal account.  I use the primary for my eBay store.  I want to use the non-primary email for payments in my computer repair business.  I want to use the second address as another payment option for my customers and want to make sure this is possible and the funds go into the same PayPal account using the second email.


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Re: Using 2 email address for 1 PayPal account to receive payments

You can have upt to 8 email addresses associated with your PayPal Account.


Yes, it's possible to use one of the addresses for a specific purpose and regardless of which address is used, the funds all go to the same account.


For your computer repair business, give your customers the email address that you want to use for that purpose.  If you have a web page with item button code, just make sure that "business" variable value is using the address you want for that purpose.  For example, you would change this line of code:


<input type="hidden" name="business" value="youremail @">



Note, if you are using the online button creator to generate "hosted" item button code, by default, it will use your Primary PayPal Account email address.  Just something to keep in mind.






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