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My bank account has been charged twice for the same item

My bank account has been charged twice for the same item

I bought a ring from a seller totaling $11.24. I paid and then received a notice stating that she had used the wrong PayPal account and would I back out of the payment and pay again, which I did. She stated that PayPal didn't recognize her account because she made an error in typing out her account. My bank account has been charged twice for a total of $22.48. Since then, I have been sent an invoice for $10.24 offering a discount for any inconvenience this may have  caused me. I canceled the invoice of 10.24 stating I appreciated the discount, but really need my account to be credited. The seller is very confused and there seems to be a language barrier. She doesn't seem to know what to do. She has since sent another invoice for 4.24 which I have told her I was not going to pay until I received a proper credit to my bank account or PayPal. She told me to contact my bank (what are they going to do) or PayPal to get the problem resolved. I have tried to file a resolution, but the automated system will not recognize my transaction since the payment has been canceled and it appears I have not paid for it. I can not get through PayPal and the seller is oblivious to the process. I have contacted her and told her it is her responsibility to contact PayPal to get the problem resolved. I will end up the loser because she has the item and I am down $22.48 for a cheap ring that I have not received. It is merely impossible to get through to PayPal with a problem that does not match their cookie cutter set of "problems". What a pain.


Re: My bank account has been charged twice for the same item

Anyone help me here? Here is the reply I got to the above situation.


I'm sorry ,but first Don't Angry . when i wrote you last mail before,i hope i can help you to solve this problem .i asked Paypal about this questions ,but they told me this questions should be asked by the Account memmeber because i don't know the details about the account and can't speack clearly.They told me if they money do not pay out,it won't be i'm really can give Paypal a phone,then you know all the status.Thank so sorry caused any inconvenience.Thank you


I can not call PayPal, it is automated. I cannot file a dispute because I canceled the transaction and it shows as if I did not pay. I canceled twice, but it was debited from my bank account twice and I did not get credited on my PayPal balance. I see absolutely no way of getting around this other than paying again, then filing a dispute. Maybe then I can get a human on the other end or a question that fits into their pre-prepared set of questions. This is ridiculous.


Please, can anyone offer a suggestion.