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very heartfelt thanks!

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Just wanted to give a very big thanks to Mark 1673054.  He is definitely an asset to PayPal.  He was so patient and walked this old lady (over 60; you know how we can be!) thru many steps for close to, if not more than, an hour today.  I needed to fill out an Internet Crime Complaint and then upload a copy to PayPal.  I am not a tech-y and had no idea how to do it.   I would have hung up on me many times!!  He was kind and helped me understand how to finally do it!   This young man deserves many kudos, if not a raise!  He never lost his temper, not even once, although I lost mine several times and was ready to give up.    PayPal has come thru, for sure, by having this excellent employee available for customers.

Thank you again, Mark 1673054!

A satisfied customer!!

Jeri <removed>

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