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the only reason i joined it was because i needed a paypal account to activate another account

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I was doing this as a surprise for my younger brother's birthday present but it seems not only do I have to have this account but I gotta have like $10 on it in yeah let's not forget the credit card or the bank account which I don't have either I mean come on I live in the Boone docks I'm lucky to get WiFi. It says ask friends for money I don't know where they're from but around here outside of my holler the people ain't to kind. But anyway I set up one of the deals that asks for help with the cash I don't think it'll do me any good but it's worth a try I mean hell if 20 people would donate 50 cent each or 10 people does a dollar I'd be there in no time but oh well that's Lee county for ya. Sorry y'all for jacking yer ears off but had to vent somewhere so peace out and God bless.

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