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Takeaway food

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Which takeaway delivery apps accept PayPal?


Takeaway food

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Just Eat. Rotten experience. 


ordered food from same Chinese T/A place we do once a month as a treat. food came, first smelling way off. Once we started eating, taste was funny too, couldn't understand whether its sauces or rice, so tried sauces which was fine, and then tried rice, rice was slimy lumpy (stuck together) and disgusting, and when 'sniffed it' - had a bit of OFF smell. Called T/A, got person with broken English, couldn't understand me, but then said they would deliver another bag of rice and hung up, then i called back again to speak with English speaking person who stated that rice is prepared fresh every day and cooked in Soya sauce. i know well how their products taste and this was first time in 4 years - has happened. i immediately turned to just eat direct  - they apologised for this and said they cant help me and i should report this to FSA, takes no responsibility for refund or anything. restaurant refuses to refund - only replace with exact same 'slimy off smell' product. £20 lost out of my pocket 3/4 or food for the bin, me and my child having stomach cramps and feeling sick, my temperature has started to raise, and i hope to god i dont vomit tonight. for sure we got food poisoning. and Paypal states - they don't cover money back guarantee for this kind of purchase.


lesson, - i will never ever order T/A again, unless i see them cooking from scratch and fresh. all i can say - if you pay - pay with mastercard - as mastercard will protect you.

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