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Jessi <removed>....SCAMMER.

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To those of you that have a big heart and donate to others...PLEASE, PLEASE do your research!!!

A young woman named Jessica (Jessi)<removed> (and also goes by the name of Jessica <removed> has been scamming others for over a year about needing Cranial INSTABILITY surgery. She claims to have seizures, claims her breathing stops, and her husband Elliott "Resuscitates" her.

She claimed that a WELL-KNOWN quack doctor, Fraser <removed> will be doing a spinal fusion because her head is so unstable (it might become detached. She has a GFM account with SEVERAL photos that are suspect. IF she were actually having as many seizures as she claims to have, when ADMITTED to the hospital (and I know this from experience having a husband who had uncontrolled Grand Mal seizures AND they always PAD the SIDE-RAILS of the hospital bed for EVERY single admission (yes even if you were admitted for another reason) 

She wears a neck brace and claims she can't walk either.

There's $34,868 in a Go Fund Me account and another account here at PayPal with an amount over $30K in it.

GFM HAS put a HOLD on the account due to complaints about this couple and their supposed scams. PLEASE don't donate money to her PayPal OR any other ways she could possibly be asking for donations.

   She and her husband are grifters, plain, and simple. IF you get on her Instagram account, she bad-mouths doctors and hospitals and also OUTRAGEOUSLY claims that people will be DENIED access to Emergency Rooms if they have heart attack symptoms, etc. 

   Please be proactive for your OWN well being. IF you feel you MUST donate to a charity, please donate to a charity that is LEGIT.


Jessi/Jessica's IG is: <removed>

Due to the hold on the GFM account (and I'm not sure that PayPal has a hold on it, but it should) Jessi & husband (well, he's not her husband they got divorced in Alaska (and they live in California, etc. So there's something "FISHY" going on. The reason for the DIVORCE is most likely so that Elliott can be PAID to be Jessi's care-giver.

   Here's the link to the GFM.


PLEASE take a look at the photos. You'll see that there's only ONE photo where the bed rails are padded. Now, if she really was having countless seizures as she claims, the bedrails would be padded (OR have hospital blankets TAPED to the side-rails to prevent injury when seizing.

Jessi also claims to have memory issues, etc. but for a young woman that supposedly has seizures on a constant basis her intellectual abilities don't seem to be affected much, and not only that but if she's so,so sick, how is it that she can write paragraph after paragraph of ridiculous claims about her illnesses? 

Again, please STOP donating to this woman. Let's stop people like this from stealing from

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