I was scammed by someone using a Paypal email

Can someone help Ive been scammed on facebook they were posing as  a music video creator then took my money  using paypal and blocked me, but can't report them there cause they blocked me and I'm not sure how to report someone. I tried to make a dispute but they say its not an unauthorized payment and closed the case. I need to get my money back and to close their Paypal account as this is fraud or something.
They bombarded me with messages got money out of me using paypal email C....Koech..... told me to send via family and send them a screenshot afterwards (they were very sly) then tried to get more out of me and they didn't provide the goods or services they had promised then blocked me without refunding my money they go by the name Malbel Awt Facebook profile and Transaction ID for Paypal ID9S138141W68020711.  Please someone report them and what they did to me I think they have done this many times before, they may have my home address too I'm worried cause it feels like they hacked my computer too, I'm really shaken up
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