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Customer service cancellation

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I am currently on hold with PayPal Customer service. I have been a PayPal client/customer since at least 2012. I have never had a problem until today. I emailed customer service, received an automated response help tips and if that did not answer my question to reply to that email and a customer service representative would get back with me. This happened 3 times. Each time I replied and each time I recieved an automated email back asking to reply if I still needed help. I clearly explained my problem each time. WHERE DID THE CANCEL BUTTON GO on pending transactions? Wait... 45 minutes on hold and a different representative is on the line. Oh, the first representative just put me on hold each time I tried to talk and would come back and ask if I was still there. The second representative spoke over me, was not familiar will my account, and was unaware with any account history. Both refused to allow me to talk to their supervisors. The first just flat out did not respond each time I asked to talk to a supervisor, the second said the supervisors do not take calls. She also claimed PayPal has not had law suits brought against them. Ummmm, PayPal had to pay 3.2 MILLION dollar class action settlement for holding of funds and improperly handling transactions. My call was to cancel and redo or adjust my transaction to INSTANT transaction with Chase Bank. From MY BANK to MY PAYPAL. The second representative claimed they DO NOT have instant transaction. All deposits take 1 - 5 days to complete. I told the second representative to familiarize herself with the Chase Bank instant transfer and the law suite. You really should know the history of your company, at least the correct history when you are making claims. The representative stated they have no control to cancel any transaction. Even if their website says they can cancel or place holds, they can not. Even if you make a mistake like entering the wrong account number, amount, or just want it to be instant transfer. Also, if I were to have a dispute with one of my clients and the wrong amount was sent or it was sent to the wrong account there is nothing they can do. The person who recieve the money would have to send it back. They can not refund it or cancel it. Sadly I needed the instant transfer due to an unexpected illness in my 8 year old. Since PayPal evidently has no control over anything whatsoever I will have to over draft my account. I have never been so shocked or disappointed in a company. The hold time,refusal to talk to a supervisor, lack of customer service astonished me and my husband. The first representative just placing me on hold, muting me, or covering the mouth piece to joke with his friends when I tried to talk was BEYOND disrespectful. The second telling me PayPal does not earn interest off the customers money was priceless. Even though customers to not earn money off the balance PayPal infact does. Such an upsetting day. I now understand why everyone is going to other platforms like Venmo. 😞 I forgot I tried the online chat, there was a box to type the message in, but no send button. I tried in Chrome, the PayPal app, samsung internet browser, and the Google browser.

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