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How clever is that if PayPal is using the community users to work for free in oder to save monies by having less Agents to solve the problems ?

I used to run a very popular forum before Facebook and I can understand why Musk doesn't want Twitter anymore. 


He did not get Trump back on Twitter and he was the best tool to generate traffic. I used to keep people like Trump to get more users and I would ban others If they were using hidden identities or exaggerated with marketing advertising. 


Going back to Elon Musk, he sees himself as a Columbus, an exploration guy but instead of using old, wooden sailing ships, he is using rockets and cars.


I have no ideea who the Admin or Mods are - but I reckon you will have to ban me otherwise I will take over the forum if I like it here.



Regards 🙂

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We don't do paypals work for them, we give up our time to help other users of paypal understand how paypal works.

Most big companies have advice forums for things and advice that do not need customer services.

No problem you staying as long as you actually help the folks that are asking questions.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.
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