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PayPal made an error and they refuse to admit it.


PayPal made an error and they refuse to admit it.

Any advice welcome on the following situation.


1. Received a product from a supplier which was not as described. Its was a cooling panel for a vehicle which did not fit the vehicle although clearly marketed as such.

2. I raised the dispute with the supplier and then got PayPal involved as he wasn't taking responsibility.

3. PayPal reviewed the case and instructed me to return the product and provide tracking details which I promptly did - EE001504415ZA (

4. Once the product  arrived back at the supplier they would then process the refund.

5. PayPal gets back to the dispute and rejects the claim based on the following reason (direct quote);

"We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your claim(s). The decision was made because you did not provide the tracking details we requested."

6. This is clearly a false statement by PayPal and the product is sitting in customs back at the origin country (China) with the supplier not taking delivery.


I have now written numerous emails with screenshot of the instructions and commitments made by and PayPal in this instance and the helpdesk refuses to accept their Error. PayPal made me spend more money shipping a product around so they could refuse a refund they committed to by purely quoting I didn't provide tracking details.

I might add that PayPal's automated response system actually thanked me for uploading the tracking details back on the 24th of April. 

Giving them this proof has come to naught.


What am I to do in this case? Where do I escalate from here?