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My Money

New Community Member

My Money

Gm i'm reaching out cuz i have order from and i purchased some items on March 16 2021 and no one has sent me a tracking number or nothing but PayPal too $169.27 but i didn't get my money back out nothing and i haven't received any of the merchandise either so what's going on plz reach out to me and let me know or send my a tracking number.

Re: My Money

Hey I just recently had this happen to me and I spend 151.54 and this was March 18th and I keep asking for my money back and they will not give me my money back! They use the "Whatsup app" for contact and all they say to me is that they are urgently working on my package. I reply back no give me a refund! I told them I didnt want the product anymore and now they still want send me my money. I am trying to contact paypal customer service to let them know about this merchant. I thought I was the only that was having issues trying to get my money back.