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ok i have the case file from PayPal with no protection at all from fraudulent sellers  when they know dam well they are harboring fraudsters

 kind of like how buying black market cigarettes' support under world activity 

PayPal them selves are involved with these types of fraudsters 

they say they investigate  and you know if truth  be told then we have to paint them with the same brush

we give them all the details ... the company/transaction id / the item and description/ and even pictures of disputed items 

yet they still support the fraudulent sellers and wont do anything about it 

they are scared that the merchant might not use PayPal

so then PayPal wont benefit from the millions of dollars of fraudulent money

lets go PayPal support the crime and other terrorist's organization 

seller : <removed>

even their websites are fraud 

<removed> this is from PayPal  they even know they are fraudulent websites 

b3cuase you to are involved in these fraud activities

normal citizens would be arrested and charged 

but oh no not Paypal

not the seller 

just the buyer who is always punished 

oh yes go ahead Paypal you can deleted this but i am cross posting this to other sites with the seller and your support id Case ID: PP-D-94993782

 just for the reading 

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Re: Fraud



They won't remove your post, you have not broken any rules and are entitled to your opinion.


Paypal would not be able to check every seller / merchant in over 200 countries worldwide that adds paypal to their website to accept payments.
So they give you 'some' buyer protection but the onus is on you to risk assess your transactions.

They do stop bad companies from using Paypal when enough claims start rolling in.
However as they are in China (mostly) then its easy for them to just start over with a new name, so stopping them does not really do anything.

The BEST thing is to not buy from them in the first place, to recognise them.......

Chinese Web Sites or on Social Media ads easy to spot (once you know the below signs) so buyer beware.

1. No return address on the returns policy............thats because the site will look as if its in your country (where they despatch goods from) BUT they will ask for returns to go back to China (returns depot) at a shipping cost nearly always more than the item is worth.
2. No contact telephone number............if you click on contact the most you will get is webmail or an email address.
3. No company address information.
4. Great looking items at bargain prices that turn out to be tat.

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Re: Fraud

Hi. I too ordered from what I thought was a western country (and to be fair not all Chinese business are fraudulent). I paid through PayPal as I believed there was some protection that way. The goods did not arrive. I screenshot my order and produced that as evidence. After several weeks I tried to track the order. There was no contact information on the invoice nor could I find any elsewhere. I contacted PayPal who "investigated". They eventually came back to me saying that the seller said the goods had been delivered. No tracking record, no evidence of delivery, nothing , just that statement. Buying on internet is always open to fraud and it's a risk but when companies like PayPal process to safeguard you and then blatantly just take the word of the vendor without corroboration then that tree-assurance is worthless. I will not be using PayPal again. I did fall foul of another scam some time ago and paid directly by bank transfer. I informed the bank and they refunded the money very quickly. I now make sure I read reviews before I order. Sad for the genuine companies.
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Re: Fraud



ok if you are not using paypal anymore then i won't give you advice on what to do next with your issue.

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Re: Fraud

I read the previous advice you have and noted that. Thank you. My complaint with paypal is not getting anywhere though which is frustrating and why I have got annoyed with paypal themselves. The tracking number that I have for this order shows that royal mail delivered the item into my post box for letters. However as the order was for two steam punk robot lamps there is no chance on earth that they would fit into the letter box. I pointed this out to paypal customer services. Their response is to suggest I get a letter from the shipping company to say that the address was incorrect or no delivery was made. How can I do that when the tracking number shows there was a delivery. I have sent the photo sent by royal mail showing where they left the parcel, (my letter box) and a copy of the order starting that it was 2 steam punk lamps. May be you can give advice how I proceed with this stalemate