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Today is March 1.  Budeloss is a scam!  I ordered a McKenzie Child’s Sugar bowl from them on January 27. I sent Budeloss  numerous texts and calls to this website and I got no reply from the company).  I opened a compliant file on PayPal against them.  Today, I recieved a piece of fabric in the mail from them. The envelope ha the USPS tracking number on it to prove that it was from Budeloss. Obviously, this is NOT the McKenzie Childs sugar bowl.


I agree that PayPal is compliant with this site for 2 reasons:  1.  PayPal is the only payment form that is allowed for merchandise purchased on this site.   2.  There were 3 shipping confirmations sent to me from PayPal, not Budeloss. 

Has anyone got a refund from PayPal?  If there are so many complaints, why does PayPal still support this site?