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Another China scam and PayPal does nothing for me

New Community Member

Another China scam and PayPal does nothing for me

I purchased some clothing online unaware that it would have to be returned to China. The original order showed a return address of California. I asked PayPal to dispute my payment to them. They did nothing for me and in fact denied my claim. So in my **bleep**-offedness, I took the items to USPS and sent the items back and paid $73.00 to do so. I've been tracking the item and it has now been sitting in China customers for more than 2 months. I talked to USPS and she said they can let it sit there for a month, but didn't know why it would be two months. So yes, I did something stupid by sending it back so now am I not only out the $80.00 i spent on the garbage that was sent me, but now $73.00 to boot.

An expensive lesson learned -  I WILL NEVER USE PAYPAL TO PAY FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN. They do nothing to protest us as consumers. I have a business account that I also ordered something online and PAYPAL did nothing to resolve that one either.

NEVER AGAIN, PAYPAL. You guys suck worse than China does for customer service.