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Add additonal info to an exisisting claim

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Add additonal info to an exisisting claim



I filed a claim for items I bought. The seller sent me items other than what I ordered. I requested a refund and they offered a 5% refund if I just keep the items they sent. I filed the claim with Paypal. Since then, the seller admitted they didn't have the items I ordered and recommended I keep them, in exchange for a 7% refund. They said they that if I still want to return the items, they only refund the payment AFTER receiving the items back, but that they don't pay for return shipping, that the return shipping would take a "very long time", AND that there is a very high likelihood the items would be "lost" in shipping. Meaning I get nothing... Obviously I need to add the info to the claim, but there is no wayI can see to do that with an open claim under review.  Help?


#resolutioncenter #refund #dispute #openclaim