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JS SDK: paypal.MessagesModal responding with wrong content for Pay Later Offers

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Dear developers, 


we are using the paypal JS-SDK to trigger the paypal MessagesModal without showing the rendered paypal messages.


However, I am facing the following problem:

As stated in the Docs found at, "Pay in 30" should only be applied and available if the Product's price is below 1000€. 

On our website, if a user clicks a button to check paypal options, we dynamically include the JS SDK and initialize and show the paypal.MessagesModal with the needed amount and currency:

modal = paypal.MessagesModal({})

amount: amount,
currency: "EUR"

If the user keeps hiding and opening the modal, the content is changing randomly between "Paypal Ratenzahlung" and "Pay in 30" for all products and prices, be it 20€ or 4500€. 

What can I do to only show the "Pay in 30", if the Product's price is below 1000€?

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