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Paypal Credit Issues

New Community Member

Paypal Credit Issues

I tried to purchase using paypal credit and ended up with an error saying that paypal wasn't working at the moment. A few days ago I tried ordering from a merchant using my debit card via the merchant's paypal checkout and it wouldn't work. The merchant said they were having issues with paypal, I ended up ordering over the phone with no issue. I saw on the "check down status" website that many people have had difficulty with paypal the last few weeks. Does anyone know what is going on and when paypal will be fixed? I have paypal credit, plenty of limit, and it was an option on the merchant site I tried to purchase from. Thanks in advance!!!


Re: Paypal Credit Issues

PAYPAL credit is not like your cc line of credit,it is rather illusive,sometimes it is not available,it could be you,the product you want to buy or Paypal cash situation.

if it is not there,it is not there.