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Multiple Dontaion Button Styling


Multiple Dontaion Button Styling

I am preparing to launch an updated non-profit website and created three separate custom buttons to allow doners to easily give to specific funds (FYI - every button directs to the same paypal account, but the buttons provide the organization to ability see which fund the donation is being made). However, the buttons are stacking vertical (leaving a large space), although there is plenty of width on the website to style side by side.  There are no <br> or <p> tags separating the three <form> tags.  Is there a way to code this in the css, or does it require javascript?


I created a <div id="paypal-button-container"> to place all the <form action=> </form> </div> within. I thought I had coded correctly in my CSS, using the  style: 'horizontal;  maxbuttons: 3, but this did not work. Any suggestions?