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This is the third time I've entered my account details for verification to set up my Paypal Business account. The previous two times, I've had to wait 2-3 days for the two small deposits to appear in my bank statements. When I go back to PayPal to enter the amounts however, it prompts me re-enter my bank details and begin the process again. This is extremely frustrating! Am I doing something wrong? 

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Hello @DaveFletcher74,

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I am sorry to know that you're having issues confirming you bank and I understand this can be frustrating. As per the information that you're shared, it is possible that this might be due to technical glitch. I would recommend you to try some troubleshooting steps such as clearing cache and cookies or try using different browser or device to see if that works. Then, please to confirm it again by following the steps mentioned in the Help Center Article. If you find difficulties or if the issue still persist, kindly reach out to our Customer Support Team through the available contact options on our website.


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