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How can I change the name within 24 hours

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Currently I can't do the linking of my bank account because it doesn't match the information on my paypal, is there any online member who can help me do this.
thank you


How can I change the name within 24 hours

New Community Member
How can I change my PayPal account

How can I change the name within 24 hours


Hi @Hebbardronica55


To change your name on your PayPal account:

  1. Log in to PayPal on a web browser and go to Settings.
  2. Click Change Name beside your name.
  3. Select the appropriate option.

We may ask you to upload supporting documentation, like a photo of your ID, marriage certificate, etc.


Include photos of both the front and back of your ID, and be sure it’s not expired.

Be sure that any upload shows the whole document clearly, with no blur, glare, or shadows. We can’t accept documents if any part is covered, blocked, or missing. All 4 corners must be visible.


Once your documents are received, a review will begin and you will receive an update within 5 business days.


Please note, a change to your name can only be completed if your name has changed for legal purposes (for example, by marriage, decree of divorce or by deed poll) and supporting documentation can be provided to support the change.


I hope this helps, 



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