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transfer completed but no money on account

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Greetings. I hope someone here can help me because I am a bit lost. I have recently transferred some of my funds directly onto my bank account. However, quite a few things went wrong with it. First of all, the bank account I transferred the money to is a foreign currency account with Euros, yet Paypal still tries to convert the Euros on my Paypal account to my local currency. Is there a way to change that? Because having to suffer from exchange rate penalties twice for no reason would take away quite an unnecessary sum.

Second of all, the money just didn't arrive at all. Paypal claims that the transfer was indeed completed, and the IBAN is correct, I checked, yet nothing came to my account. Could someone help me with this? Is this some mistake on the side of Paypal, or is it something I need to resolve locally with my bank?


transfer completed but no money on account

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Withdrawals to bank accounts are in local currency.

Allow 5 business days as per link.

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