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payment missing

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hi, i got an email today saying i have received payment from my job but its not showing in my paypal balance. Then it said to full out some info then the money will be deposited in my account so i filled it out and still nothing in my balance please help



payment missing


Hello, @breesanchez. Thanks for taking the time to add your question here on the PayPal Community Forum. What you have described doesn't sound right since it's not necessary for anyone to ask you to fill out a form in order to receive money in your PayPal account. All they need is your PayPal email address or your mobile phone number that's linked and confirmed on your PayPal account.


If you don't see a transaction in your PayPal account Activity, then no payment was sent to you via PayPal. Depending on the information they requested and what you provided, it might be a good idea to check your online accounts and your financial accounts and make sure they are secure. Please also check out for more information.


I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for being a part of the PayPal Community!






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