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Why has my Money been on hold for a month?

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I have never received this cash and some other payments from remotasks. Remotasks has sent you US$1.78. Note from Remotasks: quote Thank you for your hard work! quote Transaction ID 1H701750W6545984W Transaction date 12 October 2021 Money received US$1.78


Why has my Money been on hold for a month?


Hello @123quin_


Thank you for your post.


I apologize for the trouble the hold has caused. PayPal may place a hold on funds for a variety of reasons, but you may have options to help release the funds sooner than the standard 21 days hold time. Here's a great Help Center article on Why my Payment is on Hold. You can also visit this Help Center article for details on How to Release my Payment on Hold. Since it's been a month, kindly reach out to our customer support team or via  Facebook or Twitter. so that our advisors can help you accordingly. I hope this helps clear up any concerns.


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