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Problem with a refund that did not complete...

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Hi all,

Bought an item online April 11, paid right away by paypal and after waiting for almost 3 months decided to ask for a refund June 28,

since the seller can't deliver...

Got a message that I received a paypal refund but after pending for a while the refund did not complete, seller won't respond to my e-mails

and paypal won't help...

So now I'm dead in the water, without the item I purchased and at lost of $145


Any help will be greatly appreciated...

Regards, Dan



Problem with a refund that did not complete...


Hi there @Wescott,


Thanks for your post! I'm sorry to hear the refund has been delayed, that sounds frustrating. In most cases when a refund is pending, it's due to the refund being sent using a bank account. It's possible that the refund failed if it's now showing up as "cancelled" or if it didn't complete. In this case, I'd recommend following up with the seller. You can also get in touch with our customer support team by selecting Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page. I hope the refund can be settled soon!


Take care,


- Celeste S.

Problem with a refund that did not complete...


Hi @PayPal_Celeste,

First, thank-you for your reply, greatly appreciated...

Been using Paypal for a long time now so I know how things work

and was expecting a delay as usual, very normal, but this refund problem is new to me...

As a matter of fact, the refund now appears in my "Activity" section as cancelled...

I went tru all the menus for instructions at what to do next

and only found that I had to contact the seller, wich I did...

I sent the original Paypal message about the cancelled refund to the seller's e-mail ,

but without any reply or explanation... Very frustrating... 

I'll try you other suggestions tomorrow morning but I'm not very hopeful...

Thanks again and my best regards to you,




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