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Paypal currency convertion for each transaction

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I already contacted paypal so many times but their customer service is almost useless.

I have an account with base currency in EUR.

I receive payments both in EUR and USD.

For tax purposes, I need to know for each transaction the exact conversion between the received payment in USD and the equivalent EUR amount after the various fees and conversions.

I want to add Paypal Currency conversion tools  into my website so I just collect some information related to Paypal Conversion on each transaction.

Let's say I receive 100 $, I want to know how much ends up in my bank account in EUR.

I can see the TOTAL available amount for my account in EUR, but I need to know the detail for each transaction.

It looks like an easy task, but apparently it's impossible to achieve. I tried with reports, detailed statements, but nowhere it's showing the EUR equivalent. This is really a huge problem for taxes declaration here in Italy.

Did anybody have this problem and if so, how did you solve it?

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