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Paypal - change of country and transfers between accounts

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Hello PayPal Community 

I'm Greek , living in Denmark temporarily , but I had problems with paying from my Greek account since PayPal recognises my address as Danish , so I did create a new account with my details here in Denmark . 

I tried to move some money from my Greek account to my (new and empty) Danish one , and it says it is "on hold" and it could take up to 21 days (!!!) to get the money from one account to the other. 

Apparently I'm a "new seller" or something (I'm not a seller at all!!) 

Any way I can get help?


Paypal - change of country and transfers between accounts

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Its down to how the payment was sent to an account.

1. If sent using money > goods / services option then paypal would see the recipient as a seller and apply the new seller hold. They would also charge a fee.

2. If sent using the send money > family / friends option then the recipient would have the payment instantly (as long as it wasn't an echeque pending with a clearance date) with no fee if funded from a bank account or balance (a fee if you use a card). (However that option is not available in every country).

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