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Payment still pending

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Hello, Paypal community


I've seen others comment about this problem but have yet to find a solution to why I'm having this trouble.


I'm an artist who has a personal account and take commission payments on it.  I tend to send invoices to others for them to pay, but for some reason out of nowhere one of my invoices now has a " pending " tag on it.  I'm not a new account, I take money like this frequently, I've taken larger payments before, and the person who sent it buys stuff frequently from others. The only major difference is they are from the UK and I'm from the USA, but I've taken money from the UK before and other countries without a problem.


Is there any reason why this is pending? I " received " the money on the 12th and it's yet to be given to me by PayPal.


Payment still pending

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Pending echeque with a clearance date?

Pending as per the new seller hold?

Pending on the senders account only?

A pending invoice they haven't paid yet?

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